“Someone looking from the outside-in would say nothing has changed. You are still with the same husband. You are still in the same job, you are still parenting the same children. You are still in the same house and you have the same car. On the face of it nothing has changed. But my attitude to it all has transformed…”

“I was coming out of a 17-year relationship and feeling deeply confused and very sad, but a few days after doing the weekend I went to see this person, and we had a deep heart-to-heart the nature of which we never had in 17 years. Our relationship shifted from that moment on and has never been the same: there is love and respect I don’t believe I would have ever had for him without More To Life, and I don’t believe we could have gone on to create an extended family in the way we have. Now I use the programme for more creative purposes – to see how I can create more vitality in my life, and it still continues to be a life-transforming experience…”

“More To Life is fantastic for the mind-body-spirit triad thing. I was a very heady person and working in a very heady environment and I now see very clearly that I need to look after my body. I am not a particularly sporty person and I had no particular proclivity that way but I now I see that I do need to walk, or swim, or cycle, and if I don’t my body really tells me “no”, and I hear it now…”

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