The Power of Purpose for University Staff 

Q:  Can you and will you freely recommend the Power of Purpose to others? If  so, please tell us why.  If not, please tell us why.

Finding purpose and clarity

– Yes absolutely.  This course  helped bring to the forefront what is most important in my life,  helped me overcome challenges and provided me with tools to move comfortably in the direction of my dreams and purpose.

– Yes, it  provided the tools I have needed to reclaim my light and find me, again.

– Yes.  It really offers tools to evaluate how and why I do what I do in my life.

– Yes!  It’s has powerful tools to help anyone who is open to it become the best version of themselves, living purposefully.

– Yes,  it helps to clarify what you want out of life and how to best shape your life to achieve it.

– I think it’s a different kind of training, one that doesn’t ‘teach’ you something, but leads you to create your own purpose and path.

Removing Obstacles

– I actively recommend this course to others.  It has helped me see the ways I am holding myself back, and I feel freer to be me without the negative beliefs looming above my head like an unforgiving guillotine.

– Yes, it has been an eye opener and helped me to find a way to get unstuck.

– Yes, it has helped to clarify my fears so that I can embrace them and turn them into positives.

– Yes, because the course helps you to focus on what needs to be focused on and to get rid of the clutter.

– Yes, it really helped me dig down to what is holding me back, I enjoyed that part.  I was able to relate it to both work and my personal life as well.

Increasing Personal Awareness 

– Yes, because it is breaking down barriers within my own life and opening my eyes to things I didn’t previously recognize.

– Yes, I would recommend it to others.  For me, it awakened issues I knew were there, but wasn’t doing anything about.  It was a great experience.

– Absolutely, simply because it will make everyone realize their strengths which will make us more successful as individuals and as an organization.

– Yes!  I came into this not knowing what I am doing with my life personally and professionally.  This course helped me focus and reign in on the skills and talents I have and how to use them and fire them up in the future.

Increasing effectiveness

– Yes, I feel it has really changed my mood at work to be more positive and to be aware of how to accomplish more personally and professionally

– Yes, so valuable to how effective I can be in the workplace with building people and getting results.

Impact on life

– Yes, if  the person is open and willing to learn and apply the concepts of the course it will have an impact on some part of their life.

– Please open this course up to every employee at this university (and strongly persuade them to take it).  I cannot describe the profound impact this has had on my life.  I hope I can keep it going.

– Thank you!  This has made more of a difference than I was anticipating!

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