MasteryThe Practice of Processing

This class gives you an opportunity to review all the processes of the More To Life Weekend in an upholding and supportive environment with help from experienced teachers and your fellow students. As you apply what you learn to the current events of your life, you will find they help you bring the best of yourself forward in all the places that count, and in real time.

Mastery Muscles – Letitia Blake writes…

Letitia BlakeEarlier this week I was sweating and muttering under my breath at a particularly challenging Pilates class when it occurred to me that there are some interesting similarities between attending a Pilates session and being part of a More To Life Mastery Class. In both you  learn how to change automatic patterns of behaviour, physical or mental, in order to live a happier, healthier and more productive life.

This takes time and entails perseverance, will power, purpose, and no small amount of effort. There can be frustration and despair, relief and pride. The encouragement of a skilled teacher who gives clear instructions and has specific teaching skills is crucial. After a class I  feel different, freer in my movements, pleased with my efforts, and healthier!

Also the others who are there bring benefits too. I am thinking particularly of individual Mastery students’ willingness to share openly and honestly about their thoughts and feelings, their struggles and challenges, their hopes and dreams. This week I actually had three experiences of friends and acquaintances offering their perspective and their empathy when I shared about some Lifeshocks at work, and I was so grateful for this. All kinds of new possibilities and insights have opened up, and I know I am not alone with is happening for me.

Sharing and witnessing our individual journeys as we do in Mastery is precious and powerful, and we help each other more than we might imagine. By meeting up, working together and sharing our processes with honesty we gain acceptance, love and vital encouragement. Come to a Mastery Class in 2015, and help yourself and others to learn, grow and develop some healthy emotional and mental muscles!!Letitia Blake

Letitia Blake is a MTL Mastery Coordinator