Residential/Advanced Courses are week-long courses for students of the More To Life Programme. Their impact is often described as equal to, or even greater than, their original experience of The More To Life Weekend. Here is a brief description of the themes they cover.

Way of a Warrior | Get the “No!” and go for the “Yes!”
This powerful six-day course works on physical, mental and emotional levels to help you grasp the cultural forces that have shaped your perception of the world. You develop the capacity to live your life as a Warrior of the Spirit, with an enduring vision of your life purpose and an increased capacity to take a stand on the values you chose to live out. 

Living ‘Yes!’ |
Bring forward your full ‘Yes!’ to life, every day of your life
Originally offered as the second part of Way of a Warrior, this course is normally taken with other WoW students one year after the initial course. You practise teamwork and partnership to enhance your personal leadership skills and your power to impact the world around you. 

Evolution of Mastery | Take a big new step into your masterful self
This course takes place in a small group, offering a series of individual and group exercises focusing on self-expression. It includes encounters with the environment and analysis of dreams to help deepen your self-awareness and develop your self-mastery.

Sixth Sense |
Know what you cannot know, without knowing how
The course uses group work, extended encounters with the environment, a daily meditation practice and personal process work to help you develop your intuitive abilities. In partnership with the rest of a small of group of advanced students you will learn to awaken your Sixth Sense by focusing, refining and transcending your other five senses.

Living Creatively |
Life is creative, and so are you.
This course involves a small group of advanced students working together to reveal the creativity that can come through every choice we make and everything we do. The course uses individual and group project work, meditation and visioning exercises to dramatically enhance our ability to be creative, and to re-create ourselves in our daily lives.

Seven Days of Creation | Develop your creative energy and bring it to everything you do
Uses individual and group project work, meditation and visioning exercises to reveal and enhance the creative process that is an essential part of each choice you make,  and everything you bring to the world. 

The Pearl | Why your destiny is a pearl beyond price, and how to claim it fully in your life. 
This course enables you to bring together the connection between the purpose that life has for you and the meaning of your life as you’ve been living it. You’ll find new answers to recurring patterns of events that point the way to your further inner development.

Sacred Path | Explore your unfolding spiritual journey
Your sacred path exists as a calling through the challenges and responses you have made to structures of values in the secular world we live in. It is a path that can be traced in your past and which unfolds minute by minute, bringing with it love, realness and humanity.
Sacred Path II | Further steps along the path
The course allows students of the Sacred Path to reconnect with one another after a period of practice and observation of their own lives, enabling you to take a further step into commitment and develop your awareness of the gifts that are on offer.