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student2The More To Life Weekend teaches you how to discern the potential hidden in everyday situations, and shows you how to keep on doing this long after the course is over. Participants describe the weekend as a powerful and life-transforming experience.

You will also discover how to connect with your deepest purposes and your highest vision. You unhook yourself from old fears and defensive patterns. And you open yourself to the kind of creative possibilities that appear to us only when we are truly free from demands.

During the course you will learn ways to forgive yourself and others, connect with your compassion and love, share your passions and your innermost feelings, and partner more deeply with others.

You will start to create your life as you really want it to be, instead of focusing on how it ‘should have been’, or ‘ought to be’. You become more of the person you really are, rather than the one you have struggled to become, or tried to prove you are not.

Compared to the control group, students were significantly higher on what we have called ‘mindfulness’, suggesting that the course does indeed increase conscious awareness and promote understanding of thoughts and feelings in a more productive manner.Rachel King, Research Study for University of Portsmouth (see below)

What the course is like

Life today is full of pressure, with less and less time for personal connection. This course is structured to give you time: time to connect with yourself, time to reflect on the way your life has developed, and time to listen and learn from others.

Part of the weekend is spent simply listening to the experiences of other participants. With guidance from our course leaders, you learn from one another’s stories and apply the learning to your own personal circumstances.

“It is so lovely to have all walks of life, a whole cross-section, all ages, both sexes, like a little slice of humanity, all prepared to listen and forgive, no matter what you have said, forgive and help you understand that it was OK…”
MTLW participant

Another part is devoted to practising new skills and techniques – you do this at your own pace, with help from members of a support team whenever you want this.

Finally you work on developing new intentions and purposes for your life, with tools to support you to achieve your personal goals.

Participants say that the shifts of perspective they experience during this weekend continue to serve them in every significant aspiration they pursue.

It delivers a vision of life that can enrich your sense of purpose, transform your personal effectiveness, and generate a new and lasting sense of happiness and inner peace.

An increase in the sense of control of thoughts and feelings suggests the course helps students understand thoughts and feelings 
in a more productive manner.Rachel King, Research Study for University of Portsmouth (see below)

How it works

It makes you feel more part
humanity, part of life and its
huge diversity. It is a fabulous
thing to experience, and
something I am left wishing
the whole world could
experience.” MTLW participant

The More To Life Weekend does not try to motivate you to try harder, or achieve more. Instead it shows you how to free yourself from habits of thinking that stop you from bringing your natural creativity to the challenges that life sends you.

You may already be aware of having limiting beliefs about yourself or others which stop you from being all you can be. These may have been at work in you since your childhood, to the point where they seem to be part of you.

The course helps you identify and challenge these beliefs and correct them according to what your adult self knows to be true. The result is deeper self-awareness, and a new kind of clarity that allows you to make choices that reflect your real wants and goals.

Although listening to people
does facilitate compassion,
what it really did was help me
become more compassionate
toward myself, because I see
that I am doing exactly what
they are doing.”
MTLW participant

All these techniques are simple and practical, and once mastered can be applied in any life situation, from family life to the workplace.

They are summarised in free audio material you can keep and use at home, and practice groups are also available to help you deepen your new skills over time.

They will help you to:

  • clarify your thinking and stay true to yourself
  • make creative choices when options are limited
  • practise self-forgiveness and resolve conflict in relationships
  • express your deepest purposes through what you do
  • keep generating new possibilities for yourself and others

> Responses

> Independent research

Respondents reported a clearer perspective and a more conscious awareness of reality, allowing old behavioural patterns to be changed more effectively.Rachel King, Research Study for University of Portsmouth (see below)

Free introductory event

Join experienced presenters at a More To Life introductory event.

Feedback from guests say that these events are informative, connecting and inspiring. You get to explore what the More To Life Weekend can offer, and have your questions and concerns honestly addressed, while starting to explore new choices of your own. 

  • See the sidebar (at right) for future introductory events

Please contact The London Centre at 0207 431 0922 for more information.

Post-course scores were above average compared to the normative population sample. This suggests that the effects 
of the course are robust.Rachel King, Research Study for University of Portsmouth (see below)
Research Study

A study carried out under the supervision of the Psychology Department of the University of Portsmouth included the following summary observations:

“When compared to the control group, these students were significantly higher on what we have called ‘mindfulness’, suggesting that the course does indeed increase conscious awareness, 
which is a stated aim of the programme.