Living Creatively

Where: The Asha Centre, Gloucestershire, UK
When: Thursday 07 – Wednesday 13 June 2018
(arrive on Thursday afternoon and travel home after breakfast on Wednesday.)

Living Creatively… a 5-day More To Life Advanced Course held in the beautiful heart of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK.

We’ll be working with two deeply skilled Senior Trainers, Sophie Sabbage (UK) and Elaine Alpert (US), engaging wholeheartedly with the creative force of Life Itself.

Have you ever held yourself as not the creative type? Or do you know yourself to be quite creative but wish you could find a way to purposefully channel this powerful energy to reflect more of who you really are? Is Life nudging you, or even ushering you to respond to its Call?

Living Creatively is an opportunity to unleash what you may only suspect is residing within you—to dismantle sabotaging blocks and open to the ever-morphing creative process, where you are free to play, innovate, and collaborate in inspiring ways.

We will distinguish creativity from chaos and expand our experience of true creativity in a variety of ways. Together we will work and play in a community of deliberate practice, inspired by energy that seems to flow through us from Someplace Else.



  • Read Sophie & Elaine’s Letter to potential participants (below)
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      We will have time to connect with each other as we:

      • Awaken and stretch our physical bodies each morning
      • Enjoy delicious meals prepared specially for us
      • Still the mind with daily meditative practice
      • Allow ourselves to powerfully source and be sourced
      • Experience more aliveness and freedom through intentional personal and group work
      • Learn how to activate the creative process within our daily lives
      • Return home with clarity, focus and more ease

        Join Sophie and Elaine this June for an immersion into your uniquely creative being!

        We are limited to 26 participants.

        Sophie Sabbage & Elaine Alpert

        Course Location: The Asha Centre, Gunn Mill House, Lower Spout Lane, Flaxley, GL17 0EA.

        LogisticsTrainer Letter

        Advanced Course Information

        Living Creatively will be held at The Asha Centre, a beautiful and much sought-after retreat venue, with inspiring grounds, comfortable accommodation and delicious, nutritious meals.

        The Asha Centre, Gunn Mill House, Lower Spout Lane, Flaxley, Mitcheldean, GL17 0EA.

        Travel Times

        Arrive at the Asha Centre for registration on Thursday 7th June 2018, between 3pm and 6pm and depart on Wednesday 13th June, after breakfast. Travel information will be shared nearer the time, to facilitate car sharing and travel planning, ahead of the course.

        Registration from within UK

        Email the completed Registration Form to or post a printout of the form to Jeannie Horsfield, 29 Snowdon Rd, Eccles, Manchester, M30 9AS, with your cheque, made payable to More To Life Foundation CIC, putting ‘Living Creatively’ on the back.

        Once we have received your registration form letting us know your payment choice and payment method as listed below, you will then be sent an invoice, for either the whole fee or for the £400 non- refundable deposit, followed by monthly invoices for the subsequent payments, culminating in the final payment, which is .

        For internet banking:

        • Account Name: More To Life Foundation CIC
        • Barclays Bank
        • Sort Code:20-69-17
        • Account number: 33956660
        • Reference: Your initial and surname + LC2018 | eg: AJonesLC2018

        Please ensure that all the banking fields are filled in

        Once your payment has been sent, please email and Jeannie Horsfield at advising your name, the date, amount of payment, and reason for the payment.

        Registration from all other Countries

        Email the completed Registration Form to: and also to or post a printout of the form to: Living Creatively, Jeannie Horsfield, 29 Snowdon Rd, Eccles, Manchester, M30 9AS, UK.

        All payments from outside of UK can be done by BACS payment to the bank above, or by PayPal (giving this email when asked: On receipt of your Registration Form, we will send you an invoice and detailed instructions for payment.

        Tuition Fees

        All tuition fees cover tuition, accommodation, and meals during the course. Fees are stated in GB Pounds and include the £400 non-refundable deposit. You can register with the £400 deposit to reserve your place on the course.

        • £1395 – Early fee – until 31st March 2018
        • £1595 – Full fee – for registrations received after 31st March 2018
        • Couples discount – pay whichever fee is due, less a discount of £250 per couple

        Payment Plans

        1. Payment Plan 1 – Register and pay the applicable fee in one payment.
        2. Payment Plan 2 – Register with £400 non-refundable deposiand pay the remaining fee by 5th June.
        3. Payment Plan 3 – Register with £400 non-refundable deposit and pay the balance in 3 further instalments on the following dates: 15th April; 15th May; 5th June.

        If registering after the early registration date has passed, the number of instalments and amount to be paid will be determined by the number of remaining instalment dates available.

        ALL tuition fees (Early, Full, and Discounted) are to be paid in full by 5th June 2018.


        Your place will be confirmed in writing once payment of the non-refundable deposit and your Registration Form have been received. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of the Registration Form, policies, and other documents for your reference.

        Cancellation & Refunds

        Cancellation and requests for refund must be made by email to: or in writing to: Living Creatively, 29 Snowdon Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 9AS, UK.

        1. At any time prior to the training, a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit will be given to those who are not able to attend because of a death in the family or a major emergency. Fees may be transferable to another course.
        2. Cancellations will be confirmed in writing. Any refunds will be made within 30 days of this written confirmation of your cancellation.

        Dietary Requirements

        Dietary requirements will be accommodated as best as possible. Please let us know your preferences below.

        If you have any questions relating to registration, please email contact Jeannie Horsfield at

        Living Creatively
        7th – 13th June 2018
        with Sophie Sabbage and Elaine Alpert

        Dear Advanced Student:

        I am writing to you as a “person of knowledge” who has shown mastery in your relationship with Life As It Is. For the first time in several years, we are holding an advanced course in the UK and bringing this important work to our community. Elaine Alpert and I want to invite you to join us for a deepening of your connection with life and a more refined harnessing of your creative responses to the lifeshocks that are uniquely yours.

        There will be space to explore our individual creative expression in a variety of ways, but above all in attending to what Brad said, “is seldom noticed, yet ever present”. We will also discover the power of creative collaboration and the mutual transformation this can produce.

        As you know, the first three practices of the programme are Noticing, Truth-Telling and Choosing, for which we have a variety of practical processes. The fourth practice is Creating, which is less about processing and more about unleashing the creative energy, purpose and vision that doing our work delivers us to. This is where the creative imagination is liberated from the destructive imagination, allowing us to live more fluidly and boldly, in alignment with the creation that is going on all the time.

        Both Elaine and I have learned this in acutely challenging circumstances. Elaine, whose 16-year old son Rand ended his life thirteen years ago, writes:

        I could not know that my career as a sculptor and my years as a student and trainer for More To Life were in some mysterious way laying the solid foundation I would need to meet the most shocking, painful times of my life. Early on in my deep grief and confusion, when I pleaded with Brad Brown to show me some small corner of control in my life, he quietly and gently pointed his finger directly at me. It was my choice. To recoil in bitterness as mothers often do after losing a child by suicide or to allow myself to become the clay in the hand of Life Itself? My huge NO to Rand’s death was mixed with a growing awareness that something else was at work beyond anything I’d ever known.”

        I had long seen myself as “a creative person” (though not “artistic”) when cancer came along three and a half years ago, but nothing has brought me into closer creative alignment with my lifeshocks than living with a “terminal” illness. At times, my life has literally depended on it. I have been called to discern seemingly impossible choices in response to seemingly brutal encounters with reality. I have planned my funeral, prepared my family to lose me and made tough choices about treatments under intense you’ll-die-if-you-don’t pressure. But, more than this, I have moved into my destiny in utterly unforeseen ways – like becoming the author I have always wanted to be and serving in a context (of cancer patients) I could not have foreseen. This is why the course is called Living Creatively. This is the creativity that is available to us all.

        These are the domains we will explore together in June. We only have spaces for twenty-six people. Together we will work, dig deep, rest, meditate, move, reflect and open to the creative presence that calls us into our most fully expressed selves moment by moment. You will engage with the reality that you are a creative being who is able to make a difference even in the simplest things.

        Elaine and I hope you will open to all these possibilities and join us at the beautiful Asha Centre in Gloucestershire this June to fully claim your undeniable well of creativity. We see your readiness for this experience and for playing the Game of Life full out.

        If you have an immediate “yes” a registration form is enclosed. If you have any questions, Elaine and I will be hosting Zoom call on 8th March. We are also thrilled to have Jeannie Horsfield, one of our newest Trainer Candidates, in place as the Advanced Course Coordinator. Her contact information is below if you have any practical or logistical questions.

        Thank you for your commitment to learning from life and for being a servant of Life. Now we invite you to expand your capacity to be an artist at living and an agent of Creation itself.

        With admiration and anticipation,
        Sophie Sabbage and Elaine Alpert