Anne BrownI think of being a Trainer in the More to Life Programme as both a privilege and a gift. I took the More to Life weekend in 1981, the third training ever held. I had chosen to take it at that time because resentment and negative beliefs were causing problems and distance in my relationships, including those with my mother and my husband. The work I did allowed me to let go of all of this, and my relationship with my mother has since been transformed.

I am a couple and family therapist by profession, and at that time I was in private practice. The experience of this course was especially exciting for me because I saw people having breakthroughs in three days that would often have taken months of work in my office.  It has been a great honour to work with people in this way and see their lives being transformed as a result. I see people’s faces shining by the end of the weekend, and because they go away with tools to continue the work I know that they can recreate those breakthroughs whenever they choose to. I feel proud to be trusted by them and grateful to be working with people who want the best for themselves and have the courage to go for it.

Towards the end of each course I also have witnessed a palpable connectedness and a sense of spirit in the room. To me this expresses the kind of community that is greater than any one of us alone, and it is my hope that this work will spread that spirit among people in a way that helps to bring peace and justice to our world.

I have grown tremendously myself from doing this work over time. I am no longer a person who tends to hang back from challenges, but risk showing both my strength and my vulnerability. Today I play full out without pretense. My husband died a few years ago and I still miss him terribly. I am grateful to have had these tools so that I could love him unambivalently and help to create the closeness we both desired.

Anne Brown PhD is a Senior Trainer and has been involved in More To Life course work since its inception. She is a former Director of the Institute for Human and Family Relations in Los Gatos, California and is a university lecturer in Family Therapy. She has two Master’s Degrees (American History and Social Work) and a PhD in Marital and Family Therapy.

Anne has published papers in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry (1986) and in the journal Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Development (1991). She has worked as a therapist in private practice for the past 30 years counselling individuals, couples, families and groups. Anne was married to the late Dr. K. Bradford Brown, co-founder of the More To Life Programme. She lives in Northern California.

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