As a scientist in Cambridge, UK in the late 1980s, I was inspired by the promise of what could be possible for our world. I was a keen environmentalist and active campaigner. I wanted to increase awareness of our interconnectedness with the planet so we’d stop the activities of destruction and war, and change our ways. But how to make a difference?

Then I took the More To Life Weekend. I had never seen anything like what happened in that room. People changed; I changed. Here was my answer: a way to engage with individual change at a deep and lasting level. I wanted to be able to do what Ann McMaster, my Trainer, was doing to assist people to shift their perception of the world, and see things more clearly.

My vision of a world where we respect and honour each other and our Earth has remained vividly with me since moving to New Zealand in 1990. Isolation, abuse, unhappy workplaces – I know that all can be transformed, because I have been a part of many such transformations.

My work as a Senior Trainer enables me to be the most skilled I can be as I walk alongside others who also seek a more connected world. My vision is to enable the healing of individuals, families, and groups so we are all able bring forward our unique gifts with more creativity, wisdom and love – to live our lives with more passion, more lightness, more joy and more love – in a word, more connectedness.

Clare Vivian-Neal is a More To Life Senior Trainer, has a degree in Biological Science and has pursued careers as a bio-technologist and as the head of a design team in the outdoor equipment industry. She studied Gestalt and Hakomi Body-centred Psychotherapy as well as other therapeutic methods, and has been teaching More To Life course work regularly in New Zealand and Australia since 1991.

She organised the first More To Life courses to be held in New Zealand, and serves on the New Zealand Board. She lives in Golden Bay, New Zealand with her husband, and loves the wildness of the South Island. She is committed to reducing her carbon footprint and living a sustainable lifestyle. She enjoys hiking, sea-kayaking, gardening, and adventures with her family and friends (and dog).

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