David Howarth Berman

David Howarth Berman

David Berman Howarth is a former professional actor and as well as his coaching business he uses theatre based techniques to help people build practical confidence in interpersonal skills, personal presence and impact. As a More To Life Coach he helps individuals to be and do their best, helping them to make sustainable change in their behaviour and mindset.

He supports clients clarify through reflection, feedback and insightful questions what they truly want to create and how they want to be as they do so. In the process they often get a deeper understanding of who they are and how they want to express themselves in their work and home life.  He works alongside clients to help them define practical steps and the support to help them turn their goals into reality.

He has coached people to change career, improve their confidence and personal impact, partner with work colleagues, resolve conflicts in personal relationships, present to audiences, build a network to grow their business, get fit, retire, practice More to Life processes and write a book. Whatever the goal, big or small, his aim is that clients learn about themselves and make a deeper connection with what’s important to them. In other words they find more to life in whatever goals they pursue. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

Call 07814 489429 or contact dbermanhowarth@gmail.com

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