My More To Life weekend was pivotal for me. I witnessed people letting go of years of fear and anger. As I began to drop my own layers of protection, the joy I knew as a child reemerged.  I had come home. This was how I wanted to live, no matter what happened to or around me. I could not know then that years later my world would turn upside down through the loss of a family member. Everything I had learned about being open to whatever Life brings would be called into play. Thank goodness for the tools and the people connected with this programme, they have offered tremendous healing. Rather than living in devastation, I miraculously found a deeper awe and appreciation for my life, and today, a life that is far richer than I thought possible.

Being a Senior Trainer has given me the privilege of being present in a training when someone suddenly breaks through into a new way of being – alive, fresh, with an inner knowing of what is solid and true. These are cherished moments, when we get that we are all students, and teachers, for each other. I envision a world in which moments like these are happening not only in training rooms, but in boardrooms, government meetings, schools and homes, everywhere. In reality this is already in motion around our planet. We are each a part of these shifts of consciousness, the ripple effect of people in all sorts of places calling for a more connected and loving world.


Elaine Alpert is a More To Life Senior Trainer and has been active in the programme for 24 years. She was Atlanta More To Life Center Director in the 1990s. Educated in Fine Arts & Textile Design in New York City, Elaine founded her own women’s wear manufacturing company, selling nationwide to department stores and boutiques under her own label. Today as an artist and designer, she gets commissioned to create large-scale sculpture and paintings for corporations, public spaces and private collections.

She is also currently a Holistic Health Practitioner working with adults and children. Her intention is to support the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of her clients, from young to old, through a variety of change modalities and nutritional programmes. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with Tom, her husband of 21 years, and their teenage son. Recently, in her son’s Middle School, Elaine co-led the creation of the Community Service Curriculum and is a coordinator of the Social Inclusion Programme for students in Kindergarten up to eighth grade. She is a confessed bookaholic with a penchant for research, particularly in the field of health and healing. She loves walking her dog, art and theatre, hiking, river rafting, adventure travel and spending time with girlfriends.

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