I’ve known from the time that I was quite young that I wanted to contribute to the world in some big way. My childhood dreams and fantasies were all about helping others, helping the world, and having great adventures while I was doing it. I suspect that was what inspired me to become a nurse in my first career and, later, to go back to university for advanced degrees and a second career in environmental research.

I’ve always had a big world view and a sense that in some way what happens to each of us impacts all of us. But I never fully had the sense that what I was doing in either my nursing work or later environmental work was impacting the world in a way that was deeply satisfying.

In 1996, I was introduced to the More To Life Weekend by one of my colleagues at the research laboratory where I was working. What I experienced that weekend profoundly changed the course of my life. I found a way to lay down resentments and self-limiting beliefs that had dogged me for years and, in doing so, freed up my energy, creativity, and boldness. I had no idea where this turn of events would take me, but it became clear to me soon after doing the Weekend that I wanted to be a part of offering this transformational experience to others.

I have been involved with this life-changing programme ever since, and have had the privilege of delivering trainings in many parts of the world. When I am involved in this work I am fulfilling that calling in me to contribute to the world in a way that is deeply satisfying and humbling – helping others to wake up to their own creativity, break through their own self-limiting beliefs, and take ownership of their own responsibilities as stewards of this precious planet. I get to have more of me in the process of challenging others to have more of themselves. And in the midst of this, I get to take part in one of the greatest adventures of all -- liberation of the human spirit.

Gerry Moline has a doctorate in Geohydrology and a Masters Degree in Geophysics, and for 10 years was involved in environmental research. She has also worked in the fields of psychiatric nursing and substance abuse counselling, and provided consultancy assessment and change management Training for businesses.

Gerry is a Senior Trainer with the More To Life Programme and has been actively involved since 1996, participating in leadership roles for the More To Life Foundation in Knoxville, Tennessee, and coaching leaders of Centres in London and Scotland. She is now married, lives in London and also works as a consultant for InterAction Training Consultants, which applies More to Life principles and practices for corporate clients.

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