Issy Crocker

Issy Crocker

Issy is passionate about human transformation, and the potential evolution of our world, one person at a time.

“It starts with you, and a glimmer of possibility or a bold dream waiting to be materialised.  When I work with someone, anyone, we come together with a common goal, your goal; and if you are not yet sure what that is we can explore that together.  It is there within you waiting to take shape.”

For over 20 years Issy has developed a successful business as a coach, counsellor, facilitator, trainer (of coaches and counsellors amongst other things) and manager of people from diverse backgrounds and organisations, with clients returning and referring decades after they last met in person.

She is known for her ability to stand alongside people; to say what needs to be said with honesty and integrity, hopefully in a way that is easy to hear; to “put the wind in your sails”, encouraging and empowering.  Not a lot fazes her, and she is naturally curious; open to hearing whatever it is needs to be expressed.

Her life experience is rich and varied. Her family is really important to her.  She takes inspiration from nature, relaxation and exercise from her allotment, and pleasure from people and the arts.  Issy also serves on the boards of 2 Charities; Kairos Foundation and Youth Futures UK.

She leads courses internationally and coaches anywhere in the world, via Skype, allowing her to spend time in Australia with her daughter and family.

Call  01325 363735 / 07832 288439 or contact


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