Jacki Robertson

Jacki Robertson.

Jacki is committed to creating an inheritable world for future generations.

She is passionate about using her skills, insight and expertise to make a difference in people’s lives. She does this as a coach, Power of Self Esteem, Power of Purpose mentor, Mastery class teacher and on a daily basis when interacting with children and adults as a teacher in a local primary school. Jacki will engage in a partnership with you, travelling alongside you on your journey as you make changes in your life . She uses her skills and intuition to understand you as a person. She is honest, reliable and you can trust her. She will say it as it is, she’s not scared to be bold and she’ll bring clarity to a situation. With Jacki you will reach your destination.

She said ‘I aim to create a safe and secure environment where I will engage in a partnership with you and travel alongside you on your journey as you actualise your vision.’

Jacki is known for being a natural and intuitive coach who has a wealth of experience and penetrating insight, who will hold your feet to the fire!

Jacki lives in London, E1.

Call 07515 252752 / 020 7790 9405 or contact jacki.r@btinternet.com


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