The Kairos Foundation UK

Supporting More To Life in the UK & Europe

The Trustees

Chair: Issy Crocker


Colin Fine
Alexandra Hobbs
Robert Nock

The Kairos Foundation UK is a registered charity (#1120045) whose purpose is to financially support the More To Life Programme in the UK and Europe, through sponsorship.

is one of several terms for time in ancient Greek. ‘Chronos’ refers to chronological or clock time, while ‘Kairos’ refers to time in terms of fate, or destiny. It has been translated as: ‘the moment of opportunity’. Life is made up of such moments, if we know how to take advantage of them.

Sponsors who give money to support More To Life in the UK and Europe do so through the Kairos Foundation UK. The constitution of the Kairos Foundation UK states that no individual may gain financially from its assets. Instead, our sponsors have the satisfaction of knowing they are investing in the realisation of the potential of human lives.