Next More To Life Weekend: 23 – 25 Feb 2017

Holiday Inn, Kensington High Street, London W8 5SP.
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Introductory Events & Special Life Talk:

Sophie Sabbage & John Coats - Senior Trainers

Thu 1 Feb and Tue 6 Feb | 7-9pm UK
LIFE TALK with Sophie Sabbage & John Coats | Columbia Hotel | Wed 21 Feb | 7 – 10.30pm
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Lorraine Tapper

Lorraine Tapper (TS) writes in early Jan 2018:
We already have 10 people registered to take the training and I am going for 40+ so we are already off to a good start. We also have 29 people on Team, again a good start!
We have organised some introductory events, see above. Then you can invite the people in your life who are showing an interest.

Join me on what I believe promises to be an amazing Team and weekend experience.
You can contact me via email: or phone: 07486 363 852to discuss being on Team.

If you know you want to be on Team, click this link to complete a Team Form. 

Join the first Zoom Online Team Meeting on Thu 11 Jan, 7-9pm on:
(Lorraine’s letter continues below…)

Lorraine Tapper (TS) continues:

Mastery of Self in Service – Senior Trainer Ann McMaster speaks

More To Life courses offer practical skills that are designed to be used. Taking a support team role lets you practice what you learned alongside others who are also committed to developing their potential, even as you serve the growth process of the new students who are participating in the course. Ann McMaster describes her own recommendations for getting the most out of your experience of Mastery of Self in Service.