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Team meetings for the Nov MTLW in London:
Team meetings will be held on 25 Oct & 8 Nov | See Details in Team Tab for MTLW November 2015 |  Join the team 

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Peggy Jarrett

Sophie Sabbage

Sophie Sabbage

We are excited to announce that Peggy Jarrett is coming to the UK in November where she will lead the MTLW with her long-time friend Sophie Sabbage. Peggy has been a Senior Trainer since 1992; she has worked as the Foundation’s CEO, and is now our Trainer on the International Board. Peggy writes: “blah blah blah”
Carole Bailey

Carole Bailey

Carole Bailey first took her More To Life Weekend in the ’90s, and she writes: “Since then my life has become so different – I take the lead in my life, contribute in a number of ways and I am still interested in finding out what more life has to offer me.” She has now stepped into the Training Supervisor role for the November training, and invites you to join her. Read more about her vision in the Tab above > 

Alyson Morley

Alyson Morley

Alyson Morley has been a key leader in Scotland for many years and is a member of of the UK Operations Team. She writes: “As TS what I want this course to provide an opportunity for the community to come together. To celebrate its diversity and connection in a context of abundance, the richness of what is possible when we open our hearts to each other.”  Read her team invitation in the Tab above >



Alyson Morley TS writes

Dear fellow students,

Alyson Morley

Alyson Morley

Just over a week ago I offered to be the Training Supervisor for Opening the Heart, the core course being led by David Templer and Sophie Sabbage on 31st October to 1st November in London. I heard Sophie say, “At the moment, we don’t have a TS for the weekend,” and I felt a tug forward from my heart. Now, that’s not a phrase I ever thought I’d write, but the tug was there and it seemed extremely real.

Since I said yes, I’ve worked through the steps that supported me to really get the vision that lay beneath that immediate, heartfelt response. What emerged was that I wanted this course to provide an opportunity for the community to come together. To celebrate its diversity and connection in a context of abundance, the richness of what is possible when we open our hearts to each other. I want to create a safe and sacred space where everyone can grow and learn, because I am full of love and passion for this work, the people who practice and share it, and for our world.

We are all born openhearted – just think of all those videos on Facebook with children and babies displaying their unconditional love for those close to them – the uncontrollable excitement shared by child and dog looking out of the glass door when they realise Dad is home is the one I’ve seen most recently and it’s a joy to behold.

However, grief and loss, suffering and stress can challenge that openness and we can come to believe that we need to protect ourselves, to build up our walls and close ourselves off. I know I have closed my heart to some colleagues and friends when I have characterised them as too needy, as draining and high maintenance and seen my love and compassion as a finite cake that could only be cut into a few slices. It can seem risky to step out of that context of scarcity, where there is never enough of anything, into one of abundance.

When I was at the Mentor Gathering, the day after I’d said yes to being TS, we went on a walking meditation and were told to find something  to focus on that let us connect with life. I went into the walled garden and was delighted by the earthy riches there – apples in the grass, huge pale gold pumpkins half hidden by their leaves – all the bounty of nature. And then I saw the magnolia blossom – a large white blossom, at least 8 inches across, with fleshy, ivory, hemi-spherical petals that had opened up enough to reveal a golden heart.

I looked and saw – all that beauty generously displayed. And what made it even more spectacular was that it wasn’t flawless – the petals were browning at the edges, somewhat creased and showing the signs of age and weather. The heart glowed golden, revealed and cradled by the petals. Elsewhere on the tree were all the stages of the cycle – buds, half-opened flowers, browned petals and the naked fruit. For me, those blossoms symbolise the course – the heart waiting to risk and open, revealing its riches, coaxed out by warmth and light. And after the opening the fruit is revealed, with all its potential for endless growth and reproduction.  

So, will you join us, as a participant on Opening our Hearts together?

Or practice opening your heart as a team member?

Will you be pulled forward by love into whatever opens up? I would be delighted to have you there, adding your unique richness to the mix and letting life give you so much more. Letting life love you and me, without limits.

If you would like to be on team, I’d like to hear from you. If you would like to register, go to the registration form linked to the event on the More To Life calendar. Who do you know in the programme that this experience of healing and positivity would nourish? Let them know what’s on offer for them.

With love,

Alyson | m: 07889 389308  | Zoom Meeting Link |
Register | Judi-Dumont-Barter | +44 20 7431-0922

Carole Bailey TS writes

Dear MTL Student

Carole Bailey

Carole Bailey

I am Carole Bailey and I am excited to say that I am the Training Supervisor (TS) for the More To Life Weekend on 20 – 22 November 2015.

I originally took my training in July 2000, and today I live in gratitude for what this work has shown me.  I used to live in the prison of my head, mostly in fear and constantly on a treadmill of demands. I used to attend team meetings and sit quietly and not contribute – not believing I could add anything of value. I was terrified of ‘public speaking’. Through attending various courses and teams and getting my learning, my life has become so different – I take the lead in my life, contribute in a number of ways and I am still interested in finding out what more life has to offer me.

For this training I want to create a team that is connecting, fun, light and purposeful – a group of people who will underpin the work of the participants and trainers and be fully engaged in stepping forward to have the courage and risk being vulnerable to get their own learning.  This is an opportunity for us all to learn together, while supporting the participants to learn what is true for them and make clear choices for the life that lies ahead of them.

In the process of creating this course we have an opportunity to talk to the people we care about and really hear what they want more of in their lives.  It is a chance for us to tell them what we see in them and what we want for them, without making demands or being pushy.

Over the years, I have enrolled a number of people into the Pprogramme and enrolling my sister Alison still stands out as special for me.  I told Alison I wanted our relationship to be closer, and that I wanted her to be free to create what she really wanted in her life.  I really wanted Alison to take the training.   My challenge was to give her the space to make her own decision and choose what was right for her.  I was delighted when she said ‘yes’ and recalling our connection after the Sunday meditation still brings tears to my eyes.

From following this Pprogramme, I have trusted myself, found I have a voice and stepped forward in my life in a number of ways, and was elected the Training Co-oOrdinator and Vice Chair for Cruse Bereavement Care – Surrey East.  I have trusted myself to speak out at the meetings and this year I was the lead trainer on a course for new volunteers – something I could never have imagined me being able to do.  I am learning and contributing in a new ways.

I have an experience of my heart opening and connecting more to others and I want to have more close friendships and love in my life and if I dare to dream – a partner. I see this team experience and my role as TS, as a way for me to learn to work on believing I am loveable and to get more of what I want in life.

As a MTL student I want you to bring your love and willingness to this team.  I want it to be an opportunity to be real, to connect, to learn, and have fun, as well as reaching out and supporting the participants in their growth.

The experience of being part of a smooth-running, purposeful and connected group of people will inspire you in every other area of your life.  Being on team is great training – whether it is leading a team, or being part of a team there are opportunities to bring yourself fully to the roles, whilst in support of others.

Are you willing to come and play on team with me?

We will be getting together to look at how we want to be as a team and explore what we want to create.

Our two team meetings will be on:

1) Sun 25 Oct | 2.00pm – 5.00pm | More To Life Centre, 3 Belsize Crescent, London, NW3 5QY
(This meeting could potentially take place online via Zoom Conferencing)

2) Sun 8 Nov | 11.00am – 4.00pm | venue to be confirmed

The weekend:
MTL Weekend | 20 – 22 Nov | The Thistle Hotel, Kingsley, 36-37 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A

Completion Evening:
Tues 24 Nov | 6 – 11pm | More To Life Centre, 3 Belsize Crescent, London, NW3 5QY.

Contact: h: 01372 376174 | m: 07740 027942 | Register | Team Form
I work shifts and am unable to take calls at work so please do leave me a message with your availability so that I can return your call – I want to hear from you.

Please download a team form and it will be emailed to me; or email me on

With love and respect

Mastery of Self in Service – Senior Trainer Ann McMaster speaks

More To Life courses offer practical skills that are designed to be used. Taking a support team role lets you practice what you learned alongside others who are also committed to developing their potential, even as you serve the growth process of the new students who are participating in the course. Ann McMaster describes her own recommendations for getting the most out of your experience of Mastery of Self in Service.