Next More To Life Weekend: 23 – 25 Feb 2017

Holiday Inn, Kensington High Street, London W8 5SP.
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Introductory Events & Special Life Talk:

Sophie Sabbage & John Coats - Senior Trainers

Thu 1 Feb and Tue 6 Feb | 7-9pm UK
LIFE TALK with Sophie Sabbage & John Coats | Columbia Hotel | Wed 21 Feb | 7 – 10.30pm
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Lorraine Tapper

Lorraine Tapper (TS) writes in early Jan 2018:
We already have 10 people registered to take the training and I am going for 40+ so we are already off to a good start. We also have 29 people on Team, again a good start!
We have organised some introductory events, see above. Then you can invite the people in your life who are showing an interest.

Join me on what I believe promises to be an amazing Team and weekend experience.
You can contact me via email: or phone: 07486 363 852to discuss being on Team.

If you know you want to be on Team, click this link to complete a Team Form. 

Join the first Zoom Online Team Meeting on Thu 11 Jan, 7-9pm on:
(Lorraine’s letter continues below…)

Lorraine Tapper (TS) continues:
I remember sitting in the front row in Holland Park School March 1998 taking my weekend training.  I remember sitting there and wondering what I was doing with all these weirdos? I was very cynical and had no expectations. When Roy Whitten, one of the trainers read out the purpose for the weekend. I must have rolled my eyes, as Roy said “don’t you believe me Lorraine?” My response was “No”, he asked me to stay with it.

The weekend was challenging. I found myself resisting every process. However, despite my resistance the training was still working! In fact, it worked so well that come Sunday night when I made my declaration I made a promise to myself. From that day I was going to find out who I really was as opposed to who I thought I was.

The training had taught me that I was living a lie. I was living my life straight out of my mindtalk! The Training, the processes, the community have changed my life and continues to do so.

I have been Training Supervisor for the More To Life Weekend twice before. The last time was in 2004. I have chosen to be the Training Supervisor for the upcoming weekend for the following reasons.

  1. It will be 20 years since I took my weekend, so it is a cause for celebration.
  2. I am working on being more focused, consistent and disciplined in 2018. I have my own business but I have not achieved what I could in my business because of my lack of focus. I was once told I had a butterfly mind. I can get easily distracted.  I don’t always take consistent actions in my business, leading to poor results. Also, I can be very undisciplined and I acknowledge that I am not where I want to be in my business. I said Yes to TS because this is what is required to create the result of 40 participants. I therefore have 8 weeks to practice and I want to take this into my life.
  3. I have recently identified growth edges around accepting acknowledgement, visibility and vulnerability. If I am given a compliment I literally squirm. Leading the Team will help me to embrace acknowledgements in real time. Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t do vulnerability! My why is to be willing to be with the uncomfortable feelings and to accept it anyway. I recently discovered that fear of exposure of being a fraud in my business creates the discomfort. I want to break free from my self-imposed chains so I can fully claim my life.
  4. John Coats is training with Sophie Sabbage. I have heard so much about John, who was one of the original Trainers with Brad Brown and Roy Whitten. I did not want to miss the opportunity to see him train. I have the highest regard for Sophie who has been my trainer on many courses.
  5. Finally, I know the power of the training and how much difference it can make for people. I want to lead this Team because it will be 8 weeks of revealing lifeshocks for myself and the Team. In those lifeshocks will be growth opportunities, which is what I am looking for in 2018.

I want to invite you to come on the journey with me. What do you want for your life? How can being on Team help to make this a reality?

Being on Team over 8 weeks is a great learning opportunity to work on our growth edges in real time. The beauty is we are not alone, we will have the support of fellow Team members.

Consider what could be your purpose for being on Team?

Being of service to others is very important. However. I believe it is vital that we also  get something for all our hard work. Each Team opportunity gives me insight into the behaviours that don’t really work for me or my life.

I see Team as a series of reciprocal relationships: The Team, The Trainers and The Participants.

Before closing I want to ask you 2 things:

  1. Who else do you know who would benefit from being on Team? It may have been some time since their last Team. Ask them anyway.
  2. Who do you know who would benefit from taking the weekend? Talk to them about your experience of taking the weekend and listen to their responses. Give them this link in case they prefer to read it for themselves.

Mastery of Self in Service – Senior Trainer Ann McMaster speaks

More To Life courses offer practical skills that are designed to be used. Taking a support team role lets you practice what you learned alongside others who are also committed to developing their potential, even as you serve the growth process of the new students who are participating in the course. Ann McMaster describes her own recommendations for getting the most out of your experience of Mastery of Self in Service.