Cozens Zoe Grace 2014_circleZoe Grace Cozens writes:

“I have chosen to have Continuing Professional Development (CPD) licences for all 3 of the Mentor courses. There are a number of reasons for this. In the 25 years in which I have been mentoring I have taken courses to a number of local authorities eg The Power of Self Esteem (SEE) for all of the managers of Cambridge County Council’s Learning Difficulty service. More recently in order for professional standards to be upheld they, and every one registered with the Health & Care Professions Council, have to complete so many hours of Continued Professional Development every year. This needs to be documented and certified. I wasn’t able to offer this back then, I can now. When money is tight more professionals and managers are likely to choose a course with CPD accreditation.

“On our Power of Purpose course we have a mixture of people. Two are employed as course tutors at the same Further Education (FE) college. Both have applied for funding as part of their CPD. One is being paid for by the college, one is not, so there is no guarantee of outcome. They are both taking the course!

“The advantage for me in having an employer pay a higher rate is that it balances out the concessionary rates I can offer for those on benefits. The disadvantage is that I will probably have to wait 6 weeks to be paid by the College.

“These courses have always been effective, professional and high quality, the CPD status confirms this. For a SEE course that I am co-training for Professionals in September, it will be assumed that participants will want CPD certification. This is as essential for solicitors, accountants and teachers as it is for social care staff. We Mentors are professionals and I believe that this consolidates our own standing and value.”

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