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Why become a sponsor?

More To Life runs courses to empower you to create what really matters to you. These courses offer practical, reality-based tools for living, which empower you to bring your best self forward, again and again, in response to your own life path.

More To Life and the extent of what it can offer exists largely because of the generosity of its sponsors.

View Issy Crocker talking about the benefits of being a More To Life sponsor. [This message was recorded before the 2017 AGM, when Issy was the Chair, and the Foundation was called the Kairos Foundation; but most of it is still appropriate.]

How will my sponsorship be used?

By becoming a sponsor, you will be supporting a programme that has helped many thousands of people develop their true sense of self, connect with their own deepest purposes, and enhance the personal contribution they bring to individuals, families and communities around them.

Sponsorship makes it possible to reduce the More To Life course fees and sponsor students, enabling people from many different walks of life to participate as a result.

How can I sponsor?

There are different ways you can sponsor the work of More To Life:

Monthly donations: Regular donations like these enable us to plan MTL events into the future using funds which are available and promised.

You could start at £10 per month or less (that’s about the cost of a cup of coffee a week),  or become one of our major donors at over £80 a month.   You can choose the amount you donate and change the size of your donation at any time.

Individual or one-time contributions: Others prefer to give a single or one-off donation, whenever they have the funds or feel inspired.

Legacy gifts:  We know the importance of making a difference not only in our lifetime but also beyond.  Once family and friends have been taken care of, a gift in your will to a charity such as More To Life Foundation UK is tax exempt.  Join the growing number of donors who have already taken this step, ensuring that the programme will survive long after they have departed.

Tax deductible business donations:   Maybe your place of work has a scheme you could apply to, or as a business owner yourself you may choose to support us in this way.  We’d love to hear from you about this or any other ideas you may have.

Fundraising:  More time than money?  Make a JustGiving page for yourself and get creative – there is no limit to the potential for raising money on our behalf.  The JustGiving platform will serve you and your donors as you move towards your target goal. Monies raised this way come in online and go directly into the More To Life Foundation account on your behalf. You can see the what other MTL fundraisers have done here.

Who can I talk to about sponsorship?

Gary Chester and the rest of the team at the More To Life Foundation UK would love to hear from you. Maybe there are more questions you have about sponsorship, and we can answer those for you.