The Art of Responsibility: 1-Day Training with Senior Trainer David Templer

20 May 2017 | 9:30am – 6:30pm
The Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, North Street, YO1 6JF York, United Kingdom

Who it is for:

People who are new to the More To Life Programme as well as existing students. It is relevant to anyone facing a major challenge in their life that they are struggling to respond to, both practically and emotionally. It is also for successful, busy, visionary, inquisitive, adventurous people whose lives are full, time is precious and who want to make more of a difference with less of an effort.

Yes, but how?

The word ‘motivation’ is so overused in our culture that it has lost its potency and power. There are many motivational forces we can call on, but few that allow us to profit emotionally and spiritually as well as practically, financially and professionally.

The Art of Responsibility is actually about the art of realisation – the ability to see things as they really are and to act with insight (not interpretation) in order to create new or extraordinary results. This course will help you tap into highest purposes and truest motivations for your life while learning to grow and profit from everything that happens.

Specifically, you’ll learn powerful tools to help you manage your response to the events of your life, and create the results you really want. These tools will enhance your ability to:

  • Bring your most creative response to every life situation
  • Be authentically yourself, regardless of what others are doing
  • Take creative action without generating unnecessary stress
  • Connect more deeply with family, friends and colleagues
  • Increase your ability to be of service in the world
  • Have more fun and experience a greater sense of peace.

It will be led by:

David Templer, a Senior Trainer in the More To Life Programme. He has been working with More To Life since 1984. He helped establish the London Centre, became the programme’s first UK Trainer, served on its first Executive Team, and on its International Board. David has a background in communications and has read widely in philosophy and psychology. He gained an MA in English Literature at Cambridge University, and has worked as a writer and as an independent film-maker. David worked closely with co-founder Brad Brown on course development and with his own writing, and is one of a few people accredited to create new material for the programme. He has also been an editor in the publishing industry and currently runs Lifetimes Press, which publishes books and other material presenting More To Life principles.

The course creator:

The Art of Responsibility course was created by Sophie Sabbage, a Senior Trainer in the More To Life Programme for many years and author of the bestselling book, The Cancer Whisperer. Sophie has been living with late stage incurable lung cancer for two years and has used all the skills from this course to respond creatively and courageously to the most daunting challenge of her life.

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