Sophie Sabbage

Book CoverWe are pleased to tell you that Senior Trainer Sophie Sabbage has completed a book about her experiences of healing from cancer which was published on 6 October 2015.

It is called The Cancer Whisperer – How To Let Cancer Heal Your Life.
You can get a free copy for 5 days after the launch (see links below).
The Cancer Whisperer is dedicated to Brad Brown and references the More To Life Programme several times: there is a chapter called Clearing Your Mind and another in which Sophie speaks about working with lifeshocks. Anne Brown has given Sophie her blessing to use this material in her book.
Sophie hopes that this book will inspire others to discover More To Life as well as help other cancer sufferers. It is an inspiring example of how living the work can change our lives in a powerfully practical way.
Here is what one reviewer wrote:
“Whilst aimed fairly and squarely at those with cancer, The Cancer Whisperer is also a ‘must read’ for family and friends who seek to understand the ‘inside’ of the experience of cancer and the ways in which they can be a genuine support and help. But beyond this, Sophie’s book, written from a place of excruciating vulnerability, burns with an incandescence that illuminates life directions for us all. She courageously and generously shares the hard-won fruits of her own perilous explorations, providing a coherent picture of the realities of our shared existence and an authentic way to be that we can all learn from.”ROBIN DALY, FOUNDER OF YES TO LIFE CANCER CHARITY
Get Sophie’s book free from Amazon until 11 Oct 2015 by clicking either: 
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It will be available for purchase after that date.