Opening The Heart is about opening to yourself, others and life. It offers an experience of healing, connecting and creativity that will help you touch what is in your heart whenever you want to do this again in the future.

You will connect with feelings you may have been carrying inside for years, but never fully expressed. You find out what may be in the way of being fully open with other people, and practice connecting with them from your heart.

You also practise opening to those “positive” Lifeshocks that we do not usually let ourselves fully receive: the expressions of love, the acknowledgement of our inner qualities, the signs of encouragement that come to us unnoticed every day.

And you will have time to open to the vision you hold deep in your heart right now for what you want to see happen in your life in the years ahead.

Opening The Heart is a Core Course of the More To Life Programme based on material that was part of the original two-weekend Life Training course. It is as fundamental to your happiness as clearing the mind, and every bit as important as a practice in your life.

Opening The Heart
31st October-1st November

with Sophie Sabbage & David Templer at
The Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch,
Bryanston St, London W1H 7EH.

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