Through a series of serendipitous circumstances, I stumbled upon the More To Life course while I was living in Dallas, TX in 1984.  My experience of the course was profoundly moving and applicable to almost everything in my life where I wanted to make changes, but hadn’t really known how.

I knew soon thereafter that I wanted to become a Trainer of this powerful and practical work. I was working as a geologist and enjoyed the analysis and detailed subsurface investigation. But as a dear friend of mine pointed out, I was now called to help others with a different kind of ‘subsurface investigation’.  What followed was a five-year, intensive journey to become a Trainer while still holding executive positions in the business world: parallel careers, as it were.

In 2001, I joined the administrative team in Knoxville as our Gifts and Grants Director, soon moving to the Operations Director role and serving as the Executive Director. Serving in this way was truly an honor and privilege.

This role, combined with my work as a Senior Trainer, fulfilled – in ways I could hardly imagine – my deepest longings to stand alongside others, to make a real difference with my life, and to respond creatively to what Life offers me. I want my children, your children, and all of our children to have their best shot at loving and being loved. For me it all comes down to that.

Recently I was a proud parent at my older son’s school choir concert. Watching those adolescents – eighty of them – fresh-faced, maturing yet awkward, moved me to tears. As they sang a particularly poignant song, Hope is a Hidden Star, I thought to myself – I am so blessed to know about genuine hope, and to have the ability to help others discover and rediscover their deepest life purposes – so our world benefits from the best we each have to offer. I believe hope was not meant to be hidden, but as the song continues, to shine down upon us all.

Peggy Jarrett holds a Bachelor of Science degree in English and Speech Education, and did post-graduate work in Business Administration and Geology. As Environmental Manager for a large consulting firm, she was responsible for the assessment and clean-up of contaminated properties, as well as the supervision of environmental scientists and engineers.

Peggy has been a More To Life student since 1984 and served as Center Manager in San Jose, California, and Houston, Texas. She is a Senior Trainer and served as Executive Director at our Administrative Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Peggy currently lives in Knoxville, where her primary focus at home is her two sons, Caleb and Cameron. She also enjoys gardening, hiking, traveling, and reading.

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