Felipe Gomez-Ferrandiz

Felipe Gomez- Ferrandiz

Ann McMaster

    Ann McMaster

More To Life Weekend in Spain: 17-19 Nov 2017

Trainers: Ann McMaster and Felipe Gomez-Ferrandiz


image0031. Send an email to request the registration form to  moretolifespain@gmail.com
2. You must wire the fee to the More to Life bank account (found on registration form)
3. Send by email your registration form and payment proof to inscripcion.mtlspain@gmail.com

Provisional Location: Residencia Fray Luis de León – Guadarrama (Madrid) located 1 hour from Madrid airport 
Paseo de la Alameda, 39 (28440) – Phone : 918 549 590

Questions about the course, please call Susan Wright: +44 7702 620048