As a UK participant in a Spanish More to Life training you will want to consider :
  • Transport to the airport
  • Flights
  • Transit to the venue – metro and bus
  • Training costs if you are taking the course
  • Accommodation costs at the venue – this includes all meals


The following airlines fly to Madrid

From the airport – Transit to the venue – Metro & Bus

  • Low cost flights arrive to T1 – BA fly to T4. 
  • There is a complimentary transit bus between T4 and T1,2,3.  The metro is available from both T2 and T4.
  • On the Metro you go through Barajas as a stop between the terminals 1-3 and T4.

1) Metro to Moncloa

From either terminal get the Metro line 8 (pink) to Nuevos Ministerios and change to the 6 (grey) to Moncloa. 

(Grey is circle)  From T4 it is €5 – from the others only €4.75.  You can buy metro tickets from a slot machine at the airport which accepts a credit card and has instructions in English – the ticket needs to have the airport supplement included.

2) From Moncloa to Guadarrama

Take the 682 to Guadarrama  – it is the yellow side of the bus station.  If you are the red side you are in the wrong bit.  You will take the bus from the start to the end of its route.  Pay cash as you board the bus – if your luggage is large stow it in the compartments under the seating accessed from the outside.  Alight at the last stop and go back to the main road and turn left.

3) The venue: Fray Leon

Fray Leon is the first big gates on the LHS.  If the gates are closed ring the bell.  If you arrive after dark the experience is not unlike arriving at the Addams family mansion but don’t let that put you off.  Any dog barking you hear is not the Hounds of the Baskervilles but 2 soppy friendly long haired golden retrievers who live in a pen on the inside left hand end of the gate.  When you wake up there are fabulous views of the mountains around – this area was the summer holiday retreat of the well-heeled of Madrid to escape the summer heat in the city.
Venue :

For more information please email Susan Wright
Guide to the bus timetable is shown below – check the web for the latest version

Madrid to Guadarrama BusGuadarrama to Madrid Bus