Members of UK Ops Team  at a recent meeting in Darlington: Alyson Morley, Helen McFarlane, Kay Bastin, Jacki Robertson, Judi Dumont-Barter, Issy Crocker

Members of the UK Ops Team at a recent meeting in Darlington

There is so much going on in the background that I barely know where to start. We are using the work of the Programme more than ever to maintain our clarity and purpose, and keep bringing our loving, creative, generous and grateful hearts in response to Life’s gifts and challenges.

The Operations Group (Directors of More To Life, Trustees of Kairos Foundation, and a representative from each area or region) met this month in person with some on Skype.

We are committing to:

  • integrate the Mentor Programme more closely into the wider More To Life Programme
    • ensure that our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited status begins to impact the professional world with increased offerings
  • focus on the quality of our communications (thank you all for your feedback – and hope that you are seeing some impact)
  • influence the direction of the programme through the Design and Align teams

We are noticing a surge of energy, and are in the process of meeting with several groups of people wanting to serve, committed to getting this work out.  We are formulating a new sales and marketing team, getting our databases cleaned up in preparation for a future shift to a more robust 21st Century International Data Base, and identifying projects and skilful people to take those projects on.  

10 Oct brings the AGM of the Kairos Foundation UK.  If you have donated money this year you will be welcome to have your say, elect Trustees and vote on proposals.  If you are interested in becoming a Trustee and want to learn more please contact Helen McFarlane, Chair Kairos Foundation UK To become a sponsor please click.

Issy Crocker – Chair
on behalf of the More To Life Board of Directors