From the More To Life Directors – Issy Crocker writes:

We are grateful to those of you who have been standing alongside us for many years now; bringing your creative sourcing to the programme.  We also appreciate those of you who have recently been touched by the work of this programme and are seeking more, or offering your support.  We have a new influx of people offering time, and there is space for more as we bring new projects into being. The following is a perfect example…

TS Colette Stevens with participant Blair Addersley

TS Colette Stevens with participant Blair Addersley

The May More To Life Weekend in Harlow was an amazing success – well done to Colette, Brian,  Louise and Darren, and all the team – and welcome to the 50 new students of the Programme!

If you want to bring the work of the More To Life Programme to your own location remember you can do so through Mentors or More To Life Coaches, or if you have a vision for bringing the More To Life Weekend to YOU and those you love, as Colette has been doing for years, speak to Judi, Kay or me.

I was delighted to be on team for the Harlow training, and having just delivered a deeply transformational Self Esteem weekend up here in Darlington, I am feeling more alive and hopeful about this work in the world than I have for a long time.  There are many new organisations and offerings out there, the competition is steep; but is it competition? Or simply many of us with similar visions and differing methodology to evolve society?  We still have something so precious to offer.  Witnessing the transformations, hearing stories, I am touched.  Talking with a fellow student and Mentor the other day he said “if we could only have a world where many people are aware that most of what they think is not true – where people question their mindtalk…”  That is what we are working towards as your Directors.

One of my students at Enrichment Group last night said – “Is it alright to tell people about this, or is it a closed shop?”  My jaw dropped and there was an instant mindtalk battle – glad to say the truth won!

Please please please shout about it! – tell people about it! – share your own personal transformations and those of others.  And if you have not been having many transformations of your own recently and have got yourself stuck in a rut – consider a re-take or being on team; bring someone to the next UK training which will be held in London at the end of July (Registration & Details); or simply sit down and remember who you are; list your Lifeshocks; pick one to process. 

Life is bringing us opportunity after opportunity to be the best we can be through the Lifeshocks that have our name on them.  What a gift.  Ours for the taking.

Issy with Kay and Judi
More To Life – CIC Directors