February Update 2014
In October 2013, the MTL UK Board commissioned a Transformation Team to develop a new business model for an efficient, congruent and sustainable organisation that is fit for purpose in today’s world.

This team consists of Sarah Stephens (MTL UK Foundation Director)  Lisa Devery (MTL Foundation Board Chair), Pascale Ascher and Sophie Sabbage (Senior Trainers) Darren Rudkin (Trainer Candidate), Susan Wright (Finance Director) and Kirsty Morris (Project Manager and Support Extraordinaire).

Our aim is to uphold the mission of the organisation by unlocking its potential and extending its outreach in fresh and compelling ways. It is a significant task which you will be hearing more about in the weeks and months to come.

Why now?

  • With significant changes happening in the UK Programme leadership, it is time for new leaders to take us forwards.
  • In a market saturated with ‘personal development’ products, it is time to define our unique offering with greater clarity and redefine the way we offer it.
  • In an era of social media and web-based marketing we need to modernise our approach in order to open new channels.
  • In a charitable organisation with a big vision and world class product, we need a viable operating model and multiple revenue streams. We also need a leadership structure with clear governance, inspirational context-holders and distributed ownership.
We are engaged with all these challenges and more at this time. We are being creative, brave, realistic, partnering and rigorous in our approach. The new model is emerging and it is taking time.

We will be sharing a high level picture of our progress on Friday evening of Rekindle The Fire as well as launching a key new initiative that weekend. After that we will be inviting you to learn more, engage in what we are up to and support us to move to the new era.

We look forward to serving and partnering you on the journey ahead.

The Transformation Team