Change-TeamDecember Update 2013
Sarah Stephens, Lisa Devery, Pascale Asher, Sophie Sabbage, Darren Rudkin & Kirsty Morris

Our December newsletter came to you through a collective effort by Peter Lurie, Kirsty Morris, and Kharma-Sel Turner working with Maggie Spooner and David Templer. The plan is that Maggie and David, who have been sourcing MTL communications for many years, will hand over to a new sourcing group in the next few months, allowing them both more time to focus on publishing and writing projects.

This is part of an ongoing Change Team initiative to renew and refresh MTL’s communication strategies. The MTL Change Team is exploring ways to bring new vitality and sustainability to the UK More To Life Programme. 
We are currently looking at ways to:

• improve internal and external communications;

• develop a new business model including generating new income through fees and funding;

• support our students more effectively in their practice of the work, in service, and as a community;

• help existing students to deepen their work, while bringing the programme to more new people.

As part of our research so far, we have met with members of the Northern Steering Group and the London Steering Group to share information and discuss the path forward, and we will be having meetings with other leadership groups in the near future. We aim to present the first new emerging model to the UK and International Boards early in the New Year.