Sarah Stephens

February Update 2014
As MTL UK moves towards its next era in terms of marketing, student engagement, leadership and governance, we are looking for 3 new Board members from within the student body. The Board invites you to see if this role fits with your skills, purpose and stand in the world.

The new Board will be an executive leadership board and you will lead an area of responsibility in partnership with other Board members. We will be enrolling three trainers to step onto the Board too.

Our work on the Board is sourced through a context of ‘mastery of self and leadership in service’, one in which our qualities and expertise resonate through responsiveness to lifeshocks. You will find a place of creativity, vitality, bold support and commitment to the future of the organisation as well as to the reach and depth of the work in the UK.

Your appointment will be as a Director of the More to Life UK Community Interest Company, the not-for-profit trading subsidiary of the Kairos Foundation Charity. You will serve on the Board which joins these two entities. There is no personal liability entailed in this position. You will likely be required to commit 2 to 2.5 days (equivalent) per month. Travel expenses will be considered.

We are seeking students with special expertise in financial stewardship, communications and marketing (including social media and viral marketing), business planning, technology enablement and business innovation.

We invite you to email for an exploratory conversation about this or send an application directly to Sarah at the same address. We want applications to include an A4 statement of your purpose and intention, together with a short CV. In creating this please address these criteria:

  • experience and expertise in one of the required skill areas
  • a vision for the organisation
  • mastery of the work
  • experience of entrepreneurship, consultancy, management or senior level work in business, public or third sector

The deadline for applications is 10 March 2014.

A panel comprising existing Board members will create a shortlist and invite selected students to interview. Interviews will take place toward the end of March 2014. We look forward to the connecting with you.