We have been going through a turbulent few months in the More To Life Programme and want to update you on where we are currently. Some of you may have noticed that there was not the usual July Training in London. Speculation has been rife. We want you to know how things stand and apologise that this communication has taken us a while to bring to you.
Amidst uncertainty about the future of the programme the previous Board of Directors retired at the beginning of July, and a new group have stepped in to take legal and financial responsibility for the More To Life Programme in the UK. During this first month in office we have been on a steep learning curve! We are grateful to the outgoing Directors for their conscientious handovers and for all their endeavours. We can now begin to see some ways forward, but we do not have all the answers. We are very clear that we are all in this together – all of us – it is not just up to the three of us.
Directors2014Thumbs70px_spreadout.fwNew Directors  
Issy  Crocker – Chair
Judi Dumont Barter – Finance Director
Kay Bastin – Company Secretary
  • Financial Reality
  • Culture shift
  • Cuts
  • The London More To Life Centre
  • Salaries
  • What we want
  • Directors’ Open Doors – hearing from you
  • Face -to-Face Meeting with the Directors
  • Transforming the organisation through our ongoing students creativity
Financial Reality
Currently there is more money going out on a monthly basis than is coming in.
To be able to continue to deliver the training in a financially sustainable way we need to have more money coming in than going out.
To get the work out there and to get the money in, is at one level very simple: we enrol people to attend trainings. There are 3, possibly 4 trainings happening around the country in the next few months. More are being planned for next year. Visit this website regularly for updates.
Culture shift
Historically over many years there has been a financial shortfall at the end of each year that has been filled by either a fund-raiser event or by significant donations. It is our intention to do this the other way around. We want to bring in the money before we spend it based on planned activity – to source the funding in advance before we invest it. We will tell you more as time goes on.
We are grateful to Kairos Foundation Sponsorship, as a way for students to continue to support this work, alongside other initiatives from the communities.
To stem the outflow of money we are looking at some serious cuts to our current overheads – specifically the London Centre, paid staff and general administration.
The London More To Life Centre
To keep the Centre alive it needs to be used – to be the vibrant hub of activity and connection that it once was – to serve the community and through that service and increased activity to show an increase in enrolment and therefore the income to pay for it. If the Centre in Belsize Park has outlived its usefulness, we will shortly need to let it go.
Our salaries and fees, which cover one full-time and three part-time workers, are our most significant monthly expenses. We also have other ongoing financial commitments that are proving difficult to renegotiate eg: centre overheads, MTL training licence fee and contracts for office equipment.
What we want
  • simplicity, transparency, sustainability
  • to get down to the bare bones of what it takes to put on More To Life Weekends – our core product, and see who is out there wanting to participate
  • to empower our students to bring the work out into the world
  • a new realistic and relevant vision for London and the South
  • the North, Scotland and Spain to be empowered to continue to source their localities
  • to continue to have Mentors sourced and upheld to bring this work to people in their areas
  • to encourage and empower the More To Life Coaches to continue to bring this work to students and non-students alike through one-to-one coaching sessions
  • to partner fully with the trainers, the Kairos Foundation UK Trustees and the International Board
  • clear, relevant, honest and inspiring communications
  • a sense of one UK – one Europe – with local ownership; working together to get this work out into the world and to deepen the work in our lives.
  • to inspire and build our student body, refresh their appreciation of the work, and bring our work to benefit new sectors of society
“Directors Open Doors” hearing from you
If you would like to have your voice in the mix and throw your weight behind our vision we want to hear from you. Please attend one of the upcoming conference calls – “Directors Open Doors” online meetings – designed to let you bring your passion for the future of this programme to the fore, and share the part you can play in securing our sustainability and growth.
We want to hear your questions and concerns and will respond truthfully, doing our best to provide an accurate assessment of the situation; where we stand and how we see our future.
Dates of “Directors Open Doors” online meetingsDates
Fr 12th Sept, 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Sat 13th Sept, 9.00am to 10.30am
Su 14th Sept, 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Attendance is limited, so please register. If demand exceeds our capacity, we will collect contact details and arrange additional sessions.
Face to Face meeting with the Directors
Following the Kairos Foundation AGM on Saturday 20th September (11am – 1pm) at the Centre in Belsize Crescent, London, we will have a Directors Open Doors face to face meeting. Please join us, particularly if you want to contribute to shaping the future of the programme. This starts at 2pm and will conclude around 5pm.
Transforming the organisation through our ongoing students creativity
We have already had some really heart-felt, candid conversations with many students who want to bring something fresh to the programme. They want to actively be involved in the leadership and make changes to the organisation so that it truly reflects our ‘five practices’ of noticing, truth-telling, choosing, creating (responding) and stepping into gratitude.
We know this work and its power to radically transform all aspects of our lives. Together let’s bring it fully into the way the organisation functions, by aligning with reality, learning from the corporate lifeshocks so that we can flourish and become a sustainable 21st Century organisation.
With love, honour and respect
Issy, Judi and Kay
UK More To Life Directors