The More To Life UK Directors would like to wish you –

“Season’s Greetings!”

Thank you for the amazing support, energy, feedback, and general ‘leaning in’ and acknowledgement this latter half of 2014. Together we have sourced three More To Life Weekends in the UK, an advanced course in Spain, Mastery Classes in London Scotland and Manchester, and a Day of Radical Forgiveness in London. Our Mentors continue to offer a range of Mentor courses around the country and in Europe; More To Life Coaches have been seeing clients one-on-one locally and internationally via Skype; E groups are expanding – this work continues to make many big and small differences in the world.

Our vision of energised communities of practice is emerging.

Goodbye, Welcome & Congratulations

We have sadly seen the departure of the London Centre manager Kharma-Sel Turner. The breaking news is that she and Richard Barrowclough just got engaged. Congratulations – we wish you both every joy and happiness, with many opportunities to learn and grow wise together. We are delighted to have appointed Judi Dumont-Barter to work on projects in London and the south. Thank you to the other strong applicants for your interest in the post.

Celebrations, Visioning Days and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation for mentor courses

We are in the midst of our 30th Anniversary of More To Life in the UK Celebrations, with more yet to come… and we are on the cusp of something very exciting. Through the visionary dedication of the Mentor Support Team, and in particular Patricia Bryce – Mentor Co-ordinator, we now have our three Mentor courses accredited for Continuing Professional Development. What this means is that any professional with a statutory requirement for so many hours of CPD per annum can count their tuition hours with, for example, a Power of Self Esteem Course against that quota. We want to extend our huge appreciation for Patricia and the Mentor Team for getting us this far. This opens doors into many professional bodies and gives the More To Life Programme credibility within the mainstream, not just in the UK but world-wide – a long-held goal.

We have a rich programme of Visioning Days to start our year and a full schedule of advanced courses, focus courses, More To Life Weekends and Mentor courses for 2015. There will also be feedback from the international organisation-wide consultations (‘Design and Align Initiative’) as we continue to explore new ways forward for the Programme internationally and locally.

Finances and the Way ahead

We have done a lot to reduce the end of year expected deficit and are still working with cutting costs and raising monies without losing our focus on delivering the work to as many people as we can. A big ‘thank you’ to David Francis (our Finance Manager) for diligent financial awareness, and especially to all our sponsors and donors of both time and money.

Please be advised that the ‘Friend’s Scheme’ presented earlier this year is not happening. If you stopped your donations to Kairos because you believed we no longer needed them please do speak with one of us (call 0207-431-0922) if you would like to reinstate it. We welcome every penny as it really makes a difference.

We have some outstanding contractual arrangements that continue to drain resources and we are getting creative with ways to use them as an asset and not a liability. We may ultimately decide to leave the London Centre premises but at present we are focussing on utilising this resource in a sustainable way. For example:

  • Do consider coming to the London Centre to use our state-of-the-art photocopier at reasonable prices. Call 0207-431-0922 to arrange a time.
  • The London Centre meeting room is available for rental by students (eg. Mentors) for weekday and/or weekend courses and other similar events – at reasonable rates. Call 0207-431-0922.

We would appreciate hearing your ideas for creating greater financial stability. In particular please consider raising funds though an event, large or small, that you would enjoy and would add value to the programme. Email Jenny Grewcock – trustee Kairos Foundation.

And since we are a training organisation offering opportunities for growth through leadership please consider leading a project with us next year.

We want to leave you with the exciting news that we will be holding the first ever More To Life Weekend in Harlow next May, created by Colette Stevens and supported and trained by senior trainer Louise Smith. If you can see the possibility of a training in your own locality do please get in touch to discuss that project.

We are taking a much-needed break over Christmas, but are excited by what we have in the pipeline for 2015. Hoping to see you at a Visioning Day in the New Year.

With love,
Issy, Judi & Kay | |



Issy, Judi and Kay
UK More To Life Directors