I am a Trainer in this programme because it is the best way for me to give back, for all I have been given. My life has been transformed significantly since I took my original weekend back in 1982. I am proud of the man, the husband, the father and now the grandfather I have become by continuing my own learning, as well as facilitating courses worldwide. When I experience the personal and group breakthroughs of so many from all over the world, I am re-inspired, energised and touched to my core.

I have always been a student of life and have gained knowledge and understanding from many sources. But I have not seen or experienced any other programme that goes so deep, and helps deliver people to their best selves so consistently, time and again. The practices of the programme enhance our abilities to partner with life no matter what is happening, and empower us to create the lives we truly want. I am honoured to be a part of such a valuable effort.

I have been a More To Life student since 1982 and am now a personal coach and More To Life Mentor, as well as a Senior Trainer. My work has included facilitating More To Life courses in the federal prison system.

I was Associate Professor of Music at Sonoma State University for 23 years, and continue to run my own sound studio The Banquet Studios, where I produce music albums, books on tape, sound-tracks and commercials. I have been nominated for two Grammy awards. I am happily married to my best friend Lisa, and we have recently become grandparents. I enjoy road-biking, racquetball, bodysurfing and scuba-diving, and have participated in 3 triathlons. Lisa and I are proud owners of a tandem bike which we enjoy riding through the vineyards of Northern California.

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