K. Bradford Brown, Ph.D. and WRoy Whitten, Ph.D. created More To Life as a way to offer others the skills and practices they developed through their work in psychotherapy and pastoral counseling.

Dr Brown first became interested in the connection between social, spiritual and psychological development as a young priest in California in the 1950s.

The start of the 1960s saw him acting as Rector of All Souls Church opposite the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. He was active in the early days of the civil rights movement, before leaving the US to briefly become a visiting fellow in adult education at Oxford University.

Brad continued these themes when he began his studies in psychology. As a psychologist and then a practising psychotherapist, he worked with some of the other pioneering therapists of his time, including Victor Frankl and Alan Watts, a well-known writer and teacher of Buddhist practice who played a key role in the introduction of Eastern thought to Western culture. Brad and his wife Dr Anne Brown, also a psychotherapist, founded the Institute for Family and Human Relations in Los Gatos in the 1970’s.

Roy Whitten also served as a priest in the Episcopal Church and the two men met when Brad was asked to give a guest sermon at Roy’s church. Soon after, Roy became a Family Pastoral Counselor working with Brad and other psychologists at the Institute.

In 1981 Brad and Roy created the first More To Life course in San Jose, CA. Within a few years the programme spread to new locations in the US, the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. The programme has continued to spread, mainly by word of mouth, reaching many tens of thousands of individuals.

More To Life courses have now been taught in schools and universities, through graduate programmes, and in corporations and government agencies on four continents. Partner organisations have included penal institutions, domestic violence shelters and national leadership programmes, from the Mandela-Rhodes Foundation in South Africa to The Prince’s Trust in the UK.

Brad Brown died in August 2007 at the age of 76 from complications of Parkinson’s disease.

The vision he developed with Roy Whitten lives on, through the unique and powerful work they shared with the world.