Each person who has trained to lead a More To Life course is committed to serving the unique individual path of every participant they work with. To become a More To Life Trainer you need to meet a number of criteria based on your educational background and your teaching skills. However the most important qualification is that you yourself are living the practices of the programme and have had the experience of sourcing your own growth, personally and professionally, through your use of them.

All More To Life Trainers have careers in their own fields, from psychotherapy and counselling to university teaching. They are not paid a salary by the More To Life Foundation and often work for fees that are lower than those available in a comparable commercial setting. They are motivated not by the need to earn, but by their vision of what this work can bring to people’s lives and by the knowledge that in this context, the teacher learns as much as their students. Many participants describe the quality of the person who led their course as one of the things they most valued about their experience.

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