WilliamI decided to become a MTL Trainer because I had been effectively living as a prisoner of my own ‘survival mind’ and it seemed to me that I was shown the path to freedom. Once free, it mattered to me that others also be free to rekindle their own dreams and help ignite the torch of connection and for-ness for all. In other words, to be free to embrace reality as it is, not as I insist it should be.

The more I shared this vision with others in my life, from the grocery store checkout guy to a large training room full of people, the deeper my faith in the work became. My vision grew even broader, and my self acceptance became greater too.

Before this adventure began in July 1984, it was as if I had been dwelling in a dimly-lit room with lightening flashes awakening me just enough to keep my hopes alive. Somewhere deep inside of me I trusted, in retrospect, that who I had been was just a glimpse of what was available to me and to us all.

Then I met Dr. Brad Brown and Ann McMaster, both people with feet of clay that they owned just as much as their powerful wings of transformation, and they became models for the way I wanted to live.

Since then they have been my mentors, my friends and my path-mates. They inspired me, until I could let life directly infuse my soul with its love (and its pit-bull course-corrections), and was able to partner with them with my unique part.

Each time I train or coach I am present to the fact that I am a ‘spiritual being having a human experience’, faithful to life as it is right now, and now…

William is a Senior Trainer with More To Life and has been involved with More To Life course work for over 20 years, having helped to establish our first London Centre in 1984/5.

He has degrees in science and psychology and was the founder of the Meta Institute for Motivational Psychology in California, where he pioneered and developed in-depth techniques for performance coaching.

He currently works as a partner, business coach and trainer for TriVergent International which takes More To Life principles into businesses and organizations. William lives in Houston, Texas with his Mexican wife and life-partner Adriana. Hobbies include singing and playing the guitar, a remnant from his professional past as a stage performer.

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